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CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Hi All! We want to use this journal to educate you more about this crazy CrossFit stuff. Here we will post our thoughts on training, diet, links from other blogs, videos, etc... Some will be educational, some will be motivational, some will just be entertaining.

I hope you all take the time every once in a while to check this out. We care about you all and want you to have a better understanding about CrossFit and the amazing power it has to change and enhance the quality of life for people all over the world.  Enjoy!




Are You Ready for 2012?

Just wanted to post a little motivation for the New Year.  The video is of Chris Spealler, pretty much everyone's CrossFit hero and the underdog at the CF Games year, after year, after year.  Just a reminder that you control your destiny and no matter what people think or what people say, if you work hard, stay humble, and play fair, you will always be a winner.

Now, get ready to kick ass in 2012!


Scaling the WOD

There are four inorganic variables that control the intensity of a workout: time, weight, reps, or distance.  Any one of these can be scaled back to meet your abilities.  Time can be lessoned, weight can be lightened, repetitions can be reduced, as well as the distance.  This is done so that you can accomplish the workout while maintaining the objective.  The objective is what needs to be considered before you make a decision of how to scale the workout of the day (WOD).  In most CrossFit WODs there are multiple physical skills being trained, ie. strength, power, stamina, endurance, etc., however that day's workout may be focused toward a more specific goal and the scaling should not hender that goal. An example of this could be 5 rounds of 5 Deadlifts @ 315 and 10 Burpees. The workout here is focused primarily on building strength instead of speed or endurance so I wouldn't drastically scale the weight back unless you are struggling to lift it.  The deadlift will be slower than the usual deadlift metabolic conditioning routine but that's the point.  You'll still breath heavy and it will still probably wear most folks out, but this particular WOD should have a different feel to it compared to Helen or Fran.  

In a workout that has 7 rounds for time, I would recommend scaling of the number of rounds to 5 or less.  In an "As many rounds as possible" (AMRAP) workout I would recommend scaling the time. Usually the AMRAPs are 20 minutes, so I would scale them to 15, 12, or even 10 minutes.  In a heavier metabolic conditioning workout such as 3 rounds of 15 Deadlifts @ 255, 15 Hand Stand Push-ups you could scale both the weight and number of repetitions of each exercise, dependent upon your abilities.   

Usually, we will recommend scaling during the preWOD brief, however the scaling will ultimately be left to the athlete.  There's no shame in scaling.  Don't get bent out of shape with what you can't do.  Be concerned with what needs to be done to get to where you want to be.  To achieve elite fitness you need to first be able to complete the WOD (even a scaled version). Next, you should strive to complete the WOD as prescribed (Rx'd).  Once you're completing the WOD as Rx'd consistently, you should begin shooting for a "top five" score each day.  This is the path to elite fitness.  This is the mark of a true CrossFitter and not a specialist.  A specialist will always fall short in certain areas due to their weaknesses. Running days or Heavy days...notice who doesn't show.  Something to think about though...if and when you get to that top five.  If you find yourself dominating everyone is certain WODs but not others, ie. gymnastics specific or weighted specific, you have a talent in that domain. Meaning you win those events because you're genetically inclined in those events.  This also means you have weaknesses, or "chinks in the armor" as Coach Glassman would say.  If this is you, then you need to take a look at those weaknesses and focus on improving.  I assure you, your strengths will remain the same.  I can also say if you are the individual that dominates in all're a big fish in a small pond.  You need to seek competition and test yourself outside of the gym. Otherwise you'll become complacent and your fitness will be limited to those around you.      


Blinded by the "Rx"

Lately, more and more of our Sport of Fitness folks are starting to "Rx" or do the movements and loads as prescribed.  It is amazing to see such growth and development in folks who, a year ago, couldn't do one pull up, and are now repping them out in workouts.  It is awesome and inspiring to watch you all grow everyday and get stronger and faster.

Growth as an athlete brings competition in to the picture.  I know many of you will say "oh, I'm not competing with anyone, just myself", but you know deep down, you want to win, to beat those in your heat, or someone else in the gym you are chasing and close to in the numbers game.

With competition comes integrity.  A lot of times, when we train, once 3-2-1 go is called, many of us cannot remember our names, nevermind the rep we're on.  But you must always be aware.  Integrity is doing what's right, even when no one else is looking. 

All of you have the gift of sight.  And that gift allows you to "see" if your chin went over the bar on pull ups, or if your wall ball actually hit the target,or if your kettlebell is high enough.  All of you can feel.  You can "feel" if your chest hits the deck on push ups, or if the bar returns to your shoulders during push presses.  And all of you can hear.  You can "hear" a trainer say, "that rep did not count", "you need to get deeper in that squat", "get your chin over the bar".  All of these are indicators that your rep did not count.  Yet time and time again, even with the gifts of sight, hearing, and touch, we watch many of you continue to count reps that are not legitimate. 

As an athlete, I could care less if you are content to do the bare minimum or work below the bar that is set on standards, because I know my capacity, and I know that I will continue to put up legitimate times and numbers on the board, no matter what you choose to do in your workout. 

But as coaches, it hurts our hearts to see it.  To see you cheat yourself.  And it is cheating.  To do less than the requirement is cheating.  And to do it too much, will blunt your development in the movement in question and your overall power output and capacity as an athlete.

CrossFit is also all about community, and remember that when you don't count correctly or cheat range of motion, you are also cheating your peers.

The "RX" by your name is not a right.  It is earned and determined by the coaches that validated your workout.  Don't be impatient with your progress.  Some of the movements take time.  Growing enough to handle certain loads and reps in workouts takes time.  Time allows your body to develop sufficient strength, technique, and coordination to do the movements to support your current capacity in order to avoid injury.  Rushing that will only hold you back whether through injury, overtraining, or the inability to develop capacity due to lack of range of motion in training.

If you continue to hear a coach say "get your chin over the bar" or that your reps on other movements don't count, you probably need to scale.  And if a coach scales you, do not be embarrassed or discouraged.  We are trying to preserve the stimulus of the workout so that you get the most gain from it, and save you from injury.  Coaches are there for a reason, and yes, we actually do know what we're doing.  Isn't that why you pay us in the first place?  

I know this can sound harsh, but just like the nutrition stuff, we say it because we care.  We want you to be the best you can be.  Don't be blinded by the mighty "Rx" or the win.  Competition can ruin people, friendships and community included.  Remember why you do CrossFit.  It is for love of the Sport of Fitness, both in community and the spirit of competition. 

Now... go forth and kick ass.  With integrity.


A Little Motivation

If this doesn't get you fired up, I don't know what will.  One of CrossFit's best, Chris Spealler, in a video narrated by one of the greatest athletes of all time.


Technique on the Clean

Just a visual for you guys....

How not to Clean: (Diesel Weasel on a Clean & Front Squat attempt)


How to Clean: (Jake Johnson at a BW of 151lbs Cleaning & Jerking 341lbs)